Thursday, July 23, 2009

looking at it

one thing i look forward to when coming to australia is the free metro paper mX.
my favorite section of the paper is called Here's Looking at You. It publishes street admirer's thoughts (whatever you call it). Probably im a hopeless romantic. It's not scary like some stalker is constantly looking at you, i just like the idea that someone is appreciated.

i like to one day read in it that someone notices me from a sea of strangers *dreamy*

Sunday, July 19, 2009

not his fan

i wonder if he reads things about him in the internet

i wonder if there's a chance that he'll come across this and read something about himself

i don't want him to see me as another fan

everyday i search the internet about him and everyday i learn something new

i like it that way

i hope it never ends

i hope to learn something about him from himself!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

thus two months after

i can't remember how it hit me.

this sudden surge of LAZINESS + making myself believe i am DEPRESS for whatever reason i find depressing..

i saved money to buy me a laptop and i did. i convinced myself i need a tablet pc 'coz i believe i am an artist so, i bought this.

i imagined myself inspired all over again by my new tablet pc i said i will be selling artistic thingies online or sell something online or get some jobs online to return the money i used to buy this laptop.

i earned around (roughly) 2% of my target online income and it stopped from there.

i set up this online travelogue.

i made efforts to watermark my pictures but it proved tedious to a supposedly artistic person so i stopped. and the travel stories stoppped too! i don't know why!!!

i still travel plus i have new destinations. new stories in those two months but they never got published here.

i have internet access to almost anywhere i go. i don't know why i didn't even bother to write.

then i got emails of people following this blog. don't really know if they follow this because of the content or they just have to but i am glad they did. it fueled me to blog again.

thank you

Friday, April 17, 2009

up early

i planned to stay asleep as long as i could but i can;t believe im up by 630am *local time*! to think that i slept around 12ish last night.ugh!

during the night i was a awakened by the alarm which i forgot to switch off. and this morning i woke up with my throat feeling dry and itchy. forgot to drink my vit. Cs or even eat some citrus..that's probably why

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

advice from beau

im so happy i never expected boyfriend to support my higher studies. usually, which means most of the time, he has an opposite and stronger opinion to what i want, to what i like to do, my plans..but this time, he unexpectedly said he likes my idea! only he wants me to start studying in local universities first before going abroad. i could go with that, but maybe for just a year, after all what's a european languages study if you're surrounded by your local neighbor???

Saturday, April 11, 2009

dreaming of italy

recently, i get very high from dreaming of being in italy, speaking italian, studying in italy (in vatican if possible), and everything italian.

i want to pursue this feeling of rush but i really don't know. i have studied french and if there is something i should continue studying i think it would be french. but thinking about it now, or maybe because of the recent fancies i'm having, france seems to lack in luster compare tothe adventure and romance italy is offering in my dreams.

don't know. can't decide. but i know i want to pursue higher studies on foreign language

Saturday, April 4, 2009

sick away from home

it's my first time to be sick in japan
it is an awful awful feeling!
excruciating headache and vomiting
i hate the feeling of vomiting
it sucks and expands my stomach in a painful way
plus i have to act fast to stop myself
from initiating another vomit

really really thankful i have a friend staying in my room
she helped me feel better
though i didn't eat so much last night
i had to force myself to drink a paracetamol
now i feel a little better
i hope this goes until tonight
i still have a flight to catch!